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ABK Solutions

At ABK we design tailor-made solutions based on the commercial nature of our clients, proposing the best insurance solution. Our partners manage each account in its entirety and offer the client 360º support so that they always have the best possible service and feel supported at all times.

Credit insurance

Through credit insurance policies, we provide protection against insolvency or non-payment of your commercial customers for the sale of products and services. Credit insurance also offers financing advantages by adding beneficiary clauses in favor of financial entities.

Risk Monitoring

At ABK Credit we have a team of first-rate analysts and a technological platform that offers you credit information and risk classification services for your client portfolio. Ensuring that this information is under the control of the client (and not only that of the insurance provider) is crucial to achieve the fairest limits and coverage.


ABK Credit is leader in captive credit risk reinsurance in Europe. We design the captive insurance program, coordinate and manage our own reinsurers for credit risk. In certain situations, we resort to the art program (Alternative Risk Transfer) combining own retention with excess assignment.


The technical knowledge and experience of our consulting partners allow us to also offer you financing for your company. In this way, we help you boost your business and offer you the financial guarantees you need to achieve your goals. We provide you with peace of mind and guide you through all phases of the chain.

Guarantees and Technical Sureties

Both techniques have been widely used in the construction and civil engineering industry since the 17th century and provide a guarantee of payment of amounts or damages due under the contract. Guarantees and technical guarantees are now increasingly common in many other industries.


We combine external and internal means to maximize recovery. In case of needing external collection, ABK Credit has an associated collection company that assists in the management of non-payments in combination with the Insurers. This differential fact allows greater flexibility in the management of defaulters.

Political Risk Insurance

Political risk insurance protects the sale of goods or services against the risk of a buyer defaulting as a result of political risks that prevent the collection of invoices. It is a fundamental coverage in exports, especially to developing or underdeveloped countries.

M&A insurance

As specialists in M&A policies, we offer our clients complete advice focused on risk management with the negotiation and management of insurance contracts with the main insurers. We have the ideal technical knowledge to achieve the solution that best suits your needs.