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ABK International Networks

ABK Credit is a founding member of CREDEA, the world’s largest network of independent specialists in credit risk coverage

CREDEA World Network

ABK Credit belongs to CREDEA, the world's leading network of specialists in credit risk coverage. CREDEA offers local support for export policy holders, allowing us to contact local buyers for up-to-date information in support of key limits.

International buyers

It is a specialized, cohesive and very powerful network worldwide. Thanks to our relationship with it, 80% of clients insured at ABK Credit come from global buyers, outside the domestic sphere.

Collaboration with the main world insurers

CREDEA works together with the world's leading insurers with the aim of providing the best credit management service to multinational companies with subsidiaries in different markets.

This global network has the ability to centrally negotiate rates with all credit insurers, while customizing policy terms and services locally.