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ABK Risk Monitoring

At ABK Credit we have a team of first-rate analysts and a technological platform that offers you credit information and risk classification services for your client portfolio. That this information is under the control of the client (and not only that of the insurance provider) is crucial to achieve the fairest limits and coverage.

Information and analysis in the classifications of buyers.

ABK Credit offers credit information and risk classification thanks to our team of analysts and technological platform for risk monitoring and classification.

ABK Credit’s team of analysts offers a scope and quality far superior to that of online commercial reports available to everyone, which always present many errors, inconsistencies or little information, since they are normally prepared by “scoring programs” without the intervention of expert analysts.

The importance of information

We are the only specialized credit brokerage firm that has its own technology and team of analysts to classify and monitor the credit risk of your client portfolio, which allows us to negotiate limits and rates with insurers with full knowledge of the cause, consequently better conditions. In addition, we can offer support in decision making by identifying opportunities in clients with potential and even increase sales by locating foreign subsidiaries of our top buyers. With all this, we help you improve profitability and profits.