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Commercial Credit Insurance, Domestic Sales or Export

Credit insurance policies provide companies with protection against insolvency or non-payment of their commercial customers for the sale of products or services both domestically and for their exports. In addition, credit insurance also provides financing advantages by adding beneficiary clauses in favor of financial entities.

Export credit insurance

Can export credit insurance hinder sales?

Our team of analysts have sophisticated information networks that, coupled with insurance coverage, help exporters not only reduce unpaid but also locate the best buyers increasing sales volumes. The credit insurance, together with the professional classification granted by ABK Credit, will allow you to open new markets that on other occasions you would consider too risky.

How to finance the cost of exporting?

Many lenders are reluctant to recognize export credits as reliable collateral without credit insurance to back them up, but risk appetite changes dramatically if export credit insurance is in place. At ABK, we have specialists with extensive experience ready to help with the organization of financing.

Excess loss Insurance

The Excess Loss system is an excess insurance with an added deductible and a wide discretionary credit limit that grants greater management and classification flexibility with a greater control over maximum losses. It supports the internalization of companies by allowing the classification of difficult countries and regions.

At ABK we have verified throughout our experience that the application of this system properly implemented has a direct impact on the increase in sales of our clients.

With the excess loss, the limits per buyer are not cancelable during the year. This offers a lot of control to the insured, which becomes even more valuable in unstable periods, claims or the onset of financial or sectoral crises.

The most up-to-date information on your entire client portfolio and potential buyers

ABK Credit has the technology and a team of analysts of the highest level connected with more than 200 sources of global financial data and government registries of commercial information and default directories.

All of this allows us to identify, analyze, and classify risks in parallel with insurers, and most importantly, sharing information with you to help increase sales to good buyers and reduce poor ones.

Our global CREDEA network offers local support for export policy holders. Members of this network work together to contact local buyers for up-to-date information in support of key boundaries.

Can sales of subsidiaries be included in the policy?

Credit insurance underwriters are usually willing to service co-insured policies as long as there are no insurance license or local tax regulations that need consideration. When these difficulties prevent insurance in a policy at the parent company, ABK Credit offers the possibility of issuing policies in different countries through CREDEA associates.